Article 1 home-introduction

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Article 1 home-introduction

My name is Kazune, and Iam often called”Kazu”. My hometown is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro is the second largest city in Kumamoto. A type of red, rush and banpeiyu, are famous inside. My children live-in Yatsushiro, though I-live alone in Kumamoto currently.

My parents are teachers. YAMAHA music school is worked at by my father, and cello is taught by my mum at home. Ihave two siblings that are younger. One can be a high-school pupil. Her college is the neighbor of my school. Lately, though she can’t study music note, steel band team was registered by her. Another is really a junior-high school pupil. She goes to football membership. I also have grandma and grandfather. Their passion is tennis. Each goes to play tennis every day.

Around the one hand, my interests are enjoying the keyboard, reading textbooks, particularly manga, drawing pictures. And that I’ve left my team currently, but I’d belonged to ESS (English-Speaking Society) until last Feb. In my passions, specifically, I am proficient at audio. I discovered electric organ and actually had been for seven years. Therefore I could play keyboard and the electric wood. I like music very much. I also provide enjoyed drawing on illustrations since my youth. After I was an elementary school scholar, I would attract on a great deal of illutrations at break time with among my friends. When I had been a junior high school student and senior high school student, a few of my pals and that I usually canged our works one for an essay

Along with them, I add my favorite items. The best meals are crab, shrimp, chocolate and cod dinner. The best wedding ring is SMAP. Members of SMAP their songs great and have become amusing. They relax me very much. My favorite actress is Yukie Nakama. She is not ugly. I have liked her since I observed one among dramas that were movie on TV. Manga is also liked by me greatly. I particularly like ” FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ” . The cartoon was public in not merely China but additionally America or England. It’s not unpopular within, too. And so I’ve actually browse the manga created in Language. And lately, my favorite tv-program is “ainori”. I can not miss viewing. I hate bugs essentially the most throughout the earth. I specifically dislike spider.

I have my upcoming fantasy and my target now. The previous gets work with organization which desires Language, and also Australia is being studied abroad to by the latter. Since I was a high school student, to study abroad longtime continues to be my target. And so I have to analyze Language harder.

About my friends. I have a friend that is best. She’s enjoyment and quite form. She helps me when I am in-trouble. And so she and I can talk everything together. Fable is lived in by her today. She studies to become a nursery school teacher. I also have a lot of good friends at my college. I prefer speaking with them. And that I appreciate my college life. Obviously I like studying English. Though I have to accomplish several homeworks lately, I’m pleased to research at Kumamoto Gakuen University, England and America division. And someday I wish to become a great speaker that is English.


Hi! I’m Yukiko. I wish with you to close friend. Let’s discuss eachother.

Hi! Our brand is Manchester! I um.Well here is amp; the very first time I;ve said as well as attempted blogging. I wish I might go to Japan.But Rather I&;m jammed in stupid America, lol. , I&;d want to hear more keep publishing! label is Nurul Izni.i want to know more about you.Can I? I also want to know how exactly to perform cello. I really like people.I that is Western need to add you. Could I?


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