Add-ons for kids and young adults by Zaccone Adornment

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Add-ons for kids and young adults by Zaccone Adornment

Extras for the kids are as essential as for adults. When you would like your youngster being fashionable and good-looking, shell out your focus on Zaccone brand. Luggage and belts for youngsters and young adults Zaccone item are great instances of the simple fact, that leather components can be quite a vibrant and chic complement to design and beautify our little ones.

Company Zaccone Item was recognized in 1969 in Italy, one of the leading nations in the sphere of designer. And from the very time period of its establishment this company specializes in retailing young children and adolescent components. Zaccone offers a great variety of all types of straps and bags for kids and adolescents.

Zaccone can be a broadly accepted manufacturer between top people in the sphere of style, and also amid regular people, who just like becoming modern and enriching their closet with many special add-ons. The goods on this brand name are retailed throughout the world. Zaccone has numerous boutiques in Poland, Russia, Italy, the USA, the united kingdom, Germany, Spain and lots of other European countries. This independent design house even offers a number of website-internet sites, so Zaccone goods can be bought with the help of one click online.

Zaccone Accent brand name produces these kinds of types of merchandise:

1) braces;

2) straps;

3) hand bags;

4) bands;

5) suspenders.

Zaccone products are oriented on youngsters old from a 12 months to 12 years of age. Presumably this is actually the ages of growth of style, and thus focus to the design and quality of the accessories is a lot more than necessary. Top quality and impeccable type of merchandise made by Zaccone can be seen virtually in each and every details of these goods.this link: These bags and straps are made of fantastic epidermis, which happens to be flawlessly tanned and dyed, has superb robust metallic accessories and fails to absence in good quality of its` fabric factors.

Latest fashion trends in the style of belts and hand bags are demonstrated in children fashion.By this we indicate, that these particular productstraditionally trigger just the most beneficial emotions. Your young fashionistas will entirely value things manufactured by Zaccone item brand name, since they are comfy, brilliant, and intensely pleasurable to use.

Zaccone Item has this sort of price range of belts:

  • 19$ (ElasticatedCanvasLeather);
  • 21$ (Elasticised Buckle);
  • 26$ (Elasticated Leather Dalmatian Buckle, Elasticated Leather-based Mickey Mouse Buckle);
  • 29$ (GirlsElasticated Buckle with Coronary heart).

It is really worth referencing, the individuality of Zaccone components is acquired from the truth, that within this organization job leading developers, who prefer employing modest factor to produce out an entire area of the buckle or travelling bag. These gurus often make use of the materials of natural and organic source with a mix of metal details. Each part of adornment is taken care of and analyzed by several self-sufficient experts.

Which means that this tag is affordable for anyone of middle-class and higher class of culture. Considering the very fact, that most the goods produced and developed by trend brand name Zaccone are well-liked throughout the world.

All the materials are-reduce by top specialists with impressive processing elements and tools. All goods are handcrafted and hand-embellished, each very small details is sharpened by learn actually. Supplies, employed for producing Zaccone extras, incorporate leather and man-made fibres, which can be polished with metal pieces. The creative designers from the tag Zaccone focuse their attention on every single tiny fine detail, which work as a distinctive decoration element and will totally impress both adults and children. Every product, created by the business Zaccone includes a tag, which says Made in France.

Zaccone Item trend property creates this kind of varieties of hand bags:

* Flowery Lace Bag (13cm);

* Flowered Lace Travelling bag (8cm);

* Sparkle Travelling bag with Sequence (17cm);

* Arm Handbag (13 cm).

The actual size of the travelling bag depends upon age of the consumer. Every kind of travelling bag is analyzed and re-looked at by diverse masters, who do every one of the estimations and plans to the job yourself. This is the reason Zaccone crew is recognized as among the best on the planet of bags, belts and braces. This renowned label is turning a new web page from the background of extras for kids and teens, rendering it the company`s goal number 1 to produce unique goods.

Each and every very little princess is dreaming about an amazing travelling bag made from gentle leather material lining, which is actually hand made in France, the continent of haute fashion. A goal become a reality has an opportunity to look lovely with Women golden and black floral stitched small handbag by Zaccone. This stylish metal bag will certainly be a excellent accent for every outfit from the younger girl.

A great present for absolutely self-respecting fresh gentleman will be vintage leather laces by Zaccone, which may be of numerous colors: azure, red, grey, yellow, pinkish and deep blue. You are able to decide on a dimension for every ages of a son, for example, modest dimensions (S) is manufactured specifically for youngsters older from 18 months to 3 years older; medium dimension (M) is created to meet the requirements of youngsters older from 3 to 6 years old; large 1 (L) is created to get worn by kids of your age group from 6 to 9 years old; along with the largest size is known as added big (XL), which is perfect for kids aged from 9 to 12 yrs old.

Zaccone is the brand name for those, who really like fashion and adore unique style. Products, that happen to be created, produced and retailed with this renowned Italian trend property are certainly really worth your consideration along with the cost is among the most economical kinds in totes, belts and braces. Solely those, who have flavor and will discern fashionable goods from artificial ones, produced anywhere in Chinese suppliers and handed out all over the world can a obtain this type of advantage to utilize Zaccone, since it represents utter design of high fashion.


Zaccone is really a fantastic style brand name, which produces totally distinctive accessories for the kids and young people. Products, created by brand Zaccone, take the climate of elegancy and miracle.


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